The Participator

This page contains an archive of all the articles published in The Participator.

The Participator is an independent newspaper that is collectively written and edited by a coalition of students at Seattle University. One of the goals of The Participator is to build alliances amongst activist oriented groups and individuals while exposing institutional oppression and supporting community self-determination.

Issue 1, Volume 1 (September 2008)

The Participator Walking Tour
SU Student Activist Campaigns
History of Student Activism at Seattle University
Patrolling Student Rights
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Issue 2, Volume 1 (December 2008)

Opus Prize Extravaganza... Or Change Feels Good When Privilege Ain't Questioned
Know Your Student Rights! Exploring the Seattle U Code of Student Conduct: Free of Expression
Foreign Fossil Fuels Threaten Oregon
We Make the Change! Electoralism and Color-Blind Racism
Direct Action Speaks Louder Than Words!
Religious Rights Supercede 'Rights' to Birth Control
Robot Doves
I Eat Garbage
Interview with Dr. Raven Lidman on the report published by the Seattle U Law School ("Voices from Detention) regarding human rights violations at the Northwest Detention Center in Tacoma, WA
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Issue 3, Volume 1 (not in print)

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